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NRAS: An attractive investment opportunity.

The National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS) is a Government scheme designed to address Australia’s affordable housing crisis. But it isn’t just good for tenants looking for quality rental homes. The Scheme’s unique incentives make it an attractive proposition for investors too.


Increasing the supply of rental homes, as well as your returns

When you invest in NRAS properties, it’s an ethical and potentially lucrative choice. You’re playing a vital role in alleviating Australia’s shortage of high quality, affordable rental homes, but you’re also benefiting from the NRAS incentive system.

The Scheme can improve yields and profitability because you:

  • Have access to a large pool of eligible low-moderate income tenants – an estimated 1.5 million individuals and families – thereby significantly reducing the potential for vacancy periods; and
  • Enjoy a second, tax-free income stream generated by NRAS incentive payments.

All the benefits of investing in property, with added incentives

As an NRAS investor, you enjoy all the usual benefits of property investments, but you also receive State and Federal Government incentives (NRAS 2017/18):

  • $8,335.75 from the Federal Government as a refundable tax offset.
  • $2,778.58 from the State Government as a tax-free cash payment.

Both incentives are indexed annually on 1 May to CPI (average for eight capital cities) and are paid every year for 10 years. The combined incentive payment is currently $11,114.33 (NRAS 2017/18).


How much difference could this make to your cashflow?

cashflow chart

examples taken from QHG modelling software and are shown for illustrative purposes only.

Learn more about the National Rental Affordability Scheme and dig into the fine print with our NRAS fact sheets. Alternatively, discover how we make investing in NRAS as easy and successful as possible, or check out some upcoming NRAS projects for your next investment opportunity.