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Investing in NRAS properties through Quantum.

It’s our job at Quantum to take the stress and uncertainty out of investing in NRAS properties. So here’s how our proprietary NRAS structure and system works.


A flexible ‘Non Entity Joint Venture’ structure

Legally speaking, our structure is a Non Entity Joint Venture. That means you invest or contribute via a joint venture with Quantum, with:

  • Rent paid directly to you, through your property manager.
  • The Federal Government incentive claimed directly on your tax return.
  • The State Government incentive paid in cash (a direct deposit to your nominated account).

The benefits of investing with Quantum

Because we’re NRAS specialists, our systems and agreements are purpose-built for NRAS. Everything has been developed by investors, for investors, which means:

  • All of our new dwellings are pre-approved for NRAS benefits.
  • You are not locked in – you can exit whenever you want.
  • Your NRAS agreement is assignable to a different investor if sold.
  • We provide a competitive, transparent cost structure.
  • Strong cash flow – multiple income streams and minimal effort.
  • Lower vacancy and tenant turn-over risks due to attractive rents.
  • We have proven governance and compliance systems, with a 100 percent track record in compliance management.
  • We manage the overall performance of your property manager and handle all the government and administrative requirements to keep the property continuously compliant within NRAS.
  • We value our clients’ satisfaction above all else and retain the services of a professional, third-party dispute arbitration organisation, the Financial Ombudsman Service, in the event of a dispute.

What’s more, you retain ultimate control over your property.

  • The property is owned by you and all tax benefits and capital growth associated with the property are yours.
  • You can engage the property manager of your choice (either Quantum Property Partners or another accredited provider from this list) – the Property Management Agreement is between you and your chosen property manager.
  • The Lease agreement is between you and your tenant (there is no Head Lease).
  • Your property manager deals directly with you on maintenance and tenancy matters.

How will your investment perform?

We believe NRAS investment properties compare favourably with properties outside the NRAS program. Here’s an example comparison*:

Weekly income and expense: Same property with and without NRAS
Description No NRAS With NRAS NRAS Difference
Market rent (per week) $350 $350 $-
NRAS discount $ pw (20% of market rent) $- -$70 -$70
Rent Colleccted $350 $280 -$70
Annual incentive / 52 weeks $- $212 $212
Total property income $350 $492 $142
Property manager cost $ pw $33 $26 -$7
All other NRAS costs $- $20 $20
Total costs $33 $46 $13
Income net of costs $317 $447 $129
Net income as % of non NRAS property 100% 141% 41%

Ready to invest in an NRAS property? What’s next?

  1. Read our Product Disclosure Statement.
  2. Seek independent advice on whether the investment is right for you.
  3. Select a property from our portfolio of approved NRAS dwellings.
  4. Complete the application form in the back of the PDS and return it to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  5. Receive a phone call or email (your choice) from the agent representing the property you are interested in.
  6. Make an offer on the property.
  7. On acceptance of this offer, read and sign the NRAS Agreement (taking independent advice, if you wish).
  8. Receive copies of all documents after the property settles under the agreed terms.
  9. Receive rental income and notification that the government benefit period has commenced.
  10. Receive annual statements and advice regarding claiming your NRAS benefits.

What about property management?

You’re free to select any property manager you like, but our partners at Quantum Property are arguably the most experienced NRAS property managers in Australia. We strongly recommend finding out more about their:

  • Specialist NRAS property management expertise
  • Robust tenant research, selection and management systems
  • NRAS experience and guarantee
  • Cash flow-friendly fee structure.

For more information about our services, read our Product Disclosure Statement, or contact us to discuss your investment objectives and find out if NRAS is right for you.